Welcome to the wonderful world of Hawaiian Artifacts
Hand-crafted Modern Replicas of an Ancient Craft and much more
Our Hawaiian replicas are based on the types first found
in Hawaii by Captain James Cook of the Royal Navy.  The
captain made three trips to Hawaii the first of which was
on January 18, 1778.  On his third voyage he was killed by
Hawaiian warriors using these type of weapons.  Much of
the weaponry collected on those three trips was put in
museums in Europe. The Bishop Museum in Honolulu also
has a great collection.

The best spear collection known is in Massachusetts.  It
was collected by the early whalers in the 1800s.

Present Day in Hawaii

We are past the age of wood in Hawaii and anything found
today would be mere fragments. Most artifacts were
hidden in stash caves or included in burials. It is our strong
belief that these artifacts should
never be disturbed.  
Also, our great love of Hawaii and things of  Hawaiian has
become our motivation for creating these replicas of
Hawaiian culture.

About the Replicas

All of the replicas are made from rare endemic Koa wood
as well as a few other native woods.  The teeth are real
Tiger Shark teeth as used in ancient times.  I sign all the
items I make.

The Future at Hawaiian Artifacts Dot Com

Our educational page will contain historical information on
the different aspects of Hawaiian life.  A section is also
planned to cover the artifacts used since the arrival of the
present day Polynesians who became the Hawaiians in
about 700 A.D.

Coming Soon to Our Inventory

We also carry on our web site other fun items made from
stone, shell and bone.  We have a large line of jewelry,
wood carvings and things that relate to Hawaii and
Polynesian culture..
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Pictured here is a double hollow frame with
embedded sharks teeth which measures
16 inches in length.  Hand made frame of
Koa wood with Tiger Shark teeth
embedded on edges.

Below are more samples of Paul's work.


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New Bone and horn line
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