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Paul & Lynn Gephart
Hawaiian Artifacts
O Box 7430
ilo,  HI  96720
Paul Gephart

           Paul Gephart, originally from Indiana, has been living in Hawaii
    since 1969.  He has been in the craft and woodworking industry for the
    last 40 years.  His repertoire of mediums includes working with wood,
    shells, stone, Marlin and Swordfish bills, shark teeth, bone, local seeds
    and in jewelry making.

           He listens to the wood and allows the wood to create itself into the
    shape of the Hawaiian weapon, based on the true character of the
    weapon itself. This creates a unique and individual piece.  The same is
    true with his beautiful handcrafted bowls and trays all made from Koa,
    Milo and other rare and exotic woods of Hawaii.   

            Artifacts originally resembled those of the Marquesas and other
    Polynesian Islands.  But, the Hawaiians developed some uniquely
    different weapons and artifacts due to environmental conditions, local
    availability of plants and materials, local wars, and stylized artistry and
           Paul recreates these Hawaiian pieces and sells them world wide.  
    More information can be obtained on his website at www.
    hawaiianartifact.com or at his store located on the four mile scenic
    route about five miles north of Hilo, Hawaii. Hours are 9:00 to 4:00
    Monday through Saturday.
Paul,s collection

    Hawaiian Artifacts
    Paul & Lynn Gephart
    Craftsman & Artist
    P O Box 7430
    Hilo, HI  96720