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fishhook photo
Item BH-24 Koa
& Bone
Composite Hook
Fancy. 2/1/2 inch  
$36.00 Ea.
Item BH-25 Koa &
Shark Teeth, 3 inch.
0.00 Ea.
carved bone hook photo
Item BPC-01
Carved Bone
Hook.  3/1/4 inch
$40.00 Ea.

Out of stock
bone turtle photo
Item BA-04 Bone
Turtle. 1/3/4 inch
$12.00 Ea.
bone turtle photo
Item BA-05 Bone
Turtle. 2 inch
$15.00 Ea.
horn turtle photo
Item BH-05H Horn
Turtle. 2 inch $15.00
bone infinity photo
Item BP-01 Bone
Infinity. 1/5/8
inch $15.00 Ea.
circle of life photo
Item BP-04 Bone
Circle of Life.1/12
inch $15.00 Ea.
bone infinity turtle photo
Item IBP-33 Bone
Infinity & Turtle.
2/1/2 inch $36.00
infinity horn turtle photo
Item IBP-34 Bone
Infinity & Shell
Turtle. 2/1/2 inch
$36.00 Ea.
bone whales tail photo
Item IBA-16 Bone
Whales Tail &
Turtles. 2 inch
$36.00 Ea.
whales tail flowers photo
Item IBA-17 Bone
Whales Tail &
Flowers. 2 inch
$36.00 Ea.
bone mermaid photo
Item IBA-09 Bone
Mermaid. 2/1/2
inch $36.00 Ea.
bone whales photo
Item IBA-04 Bone
Whales. 2/1/2 inch
$36.00 Ea.

Out of stock
bone seahorse photo
Item IBA-05 Bone
Seahorse. 3 inch
$36.00 Ea.
bone tribal photo
Item IBA-06 Bone
Tribal. 2/1/2 inch
$30.00 Ea.

Out of stock
bone shark photo
Item IBA-07 Bone
Shark & Teeth.
2/1/2 inch $36.00
bone frog photo
Item IBA-15 Bone
Frog. 1/1/2 inch
$30.00 Ea.

Out of stock
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