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We make a large portion of the items on our website. The items that we do not make are in the Hawaiiana section and some of the Pendants.  
These are still of high quality and a good value.

Pendants - The Pendants pictured in gold are heavy Hamilton gold plated and only come in gold.  The Silver tone ones only come in Silver.

Necklaces - They all are strung on seven stand Nylon coated wire.  The metal findings are heavy Hamilton gold plate.

Earrings -  We offer post or French wires in heavy Hamilton Gold plate. Sorry, no clips or silver findings.

Woodwork -  I use only the finest Hawaiian woods , sanded until  they can be buffed to a high polish.  They are then hand rubbed with Mineral
 These are not laquered or varnished.  The natural feel and appearance of the wood is enhanced by expert craftsmanship.

Hau cordage is hand cut and processed on this Island by us.  It takes about a month to wash and dry the fibers which are then twisted into
varying sizes of rope and used for the tying in of the shark teeth on weapons.  This is the authentic cordage that the Hawaiians used in
weapon making.  It was also used in making the Hawaiian strangling cords and for binding for various uses.

Hawaiiana Section-  Even though the items in the Hawaiiana Section are not from my workshop, I do hand pick these items with quality and
value in mind.  They have a fine lacquered finish.  
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