Hawaiian Weapons Disclamer - Please Read
Our weapons are replicas of real weapons that were actually used to injure and kill in ancient times.  These replicas are just as dangerous as
the ancient weapons . If you have children in your home, we would suggest you do not buy them as they are not toys . By purchasing you
assume all responsibility of the handling and use of said items.  You must be twenty one to purchase one of our weapons.   Aloha Paul
kauai barbed dagger photo
WDK-1 Kauai barbed
dagger. Made of Koa wood.
14 inch $
70.00 ea.
Kauai curved blade dagger photo
WDK-2 Kauai curved blade
dagger. Made of Koa wood.
22 inch $110.00 ea.
eye gouge dagger photo
EG-3     Eye gouge or freak
dagger. Made of Koa
wood.12 inch $80.00 ea.
wide blade dagger
WBD-4 Wide blade dagger.
Made of Koa wood. 19 inch
5.00 ea.
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